(Click on Me to hear My Song)
Portrait of Jesus by
Akiane Kramarik (c) 2003
Confirmed by
Colton Burpo circa 2005

Hi. Please allow Me to introduce Myself.

I am Jesus, the only begotten Son of Yahweh, Creator God.

This description is important, because I have other brothers, sons of God who were created by My Father to populate Heaven, and help out with things on Earth.

Most of these other sons are sometimes called angels, yet they are considered Family by my Father and Me.

However, only I was begotten by My Father through a human woman, who was chosen to be my earthly mother. Her name is Mary. She was the wife of the carpenter Joseph, and is written about in The Bible, which is also called “… the Scripture of Truth”.

Mary was impregnated with Incorruptible Seed by the Holy Spirit. That Seed was Me, and I was born physically as the son of man, and given as the eternal Son of God.

That is why I am called the only begotten Son of God. No angel or any other spirit was ever physically begotten by My Father, only Me.

Some Sons of God (SOG) rebelled, and were cast out of Our Heavenly Family. Those SOGs who rebelled actually succeeded in impregnating women with their own corrupted seed. But their efforts failed miserably, and they could only produce monsters, called Bastard Spirits by some, and called Giants in the Bible. This was because they impregnated human women with the seed of rebellion, which is as the sin of witchcraft. Only evil comes of this. And it did.

When the Giants died, their evil bastard spirits could not inherit, or go to, Heaven, and they did not qualify as men, so they could not go to Hades where the spirits of dead men went at that time.

Those spirits became what are now called demons, the spirit-offspring of SOG and human women. Evil, wicked, and vile spirits that seek only to destroy all that is Good and Holy.

These demons, along with all the SOGs and the rest of the fallen angels, will have their place in the final judgment. But that day is not yet. In the meantime, I have given instruction on how to deal with these spirits, which we will study in a later Learning Module.

For now, if you are seeing these words, then you have been chosen by My Father to learn about Me, and that means that you can be born again, and become my Brother also, and live with me in Heaven forever.

The purpose of these Lesson Modules is so that you can learn about Me, about My doctrines and teachings, and, most importantly, about My Father’s Love for You.

For now, let us, you and Me, rejoice and say a prayer of Thanksgiving that our Father has introduced us to each other. I look forward to teaching you all about Eternal Life.

Be blest. We are loved.

><}}}"> Jesus.